The Aviary Cocktail Book is a wholly self-published and self- managed project. As such, we are not able to accommodate wholesale requests.

We are, however, able to extend a discount on bulk orders over 50 books. For more information, please contact us at: contact+custom@theaviarybook.com.


For events, corporate gifts, or special occasions, we are able to produce special, limited-edition orders of The Aviary Cocktail Book. Work with our design team to create a customized edition of this groundbreaking book, which can include the following:

Custom example 1

Add your own personalized vellum pages:

Include your own page in the book, bearing a custom design or message for your edition’s recipients.

Custom example 2

Exclusive custom page edge gilding:

Print directly on the book’s page edges to commemorate your event or reflect your brand’s aesthetic.

Custom example 3

Embossed silver personalized cover design:

Feature your company’s name or logo by stamping it directly on the book’s cover in silver ink.

Custom example 4

Your choice of colorful ribbon bookmarks and spine bands

can add a unique, detailed touch to your custom edition.

For more information contact