Aviary Slingshots from Crucial Detail

Hi Friends;

Just a quick note about something I figured might be relevant to your interests:

After we released the Aviary book last year, Martin’s been getting a lot of inquiries about his In The Rocks slingshot. So he decided to hand-make a small run of them – along with a custom-designed glass that perfectly fits the slingshot – and make them available for sale. Included with the slingshot is a modified recipe for making the ice spheres at home, circumventing the need for a super-expensive superchiller. 

In Martin’s words, “we’re making a small number of Slingshots for the home user. We produced our own custom glass and are offering the slingshot in two gift sets, one with a single glass and another with two glasses. Beware that this process is intended for the ambitious cocktail enthusiast. It will require some trial and error to refine the sphere-making process based on one’s specific freezer. But we can promise once you’ve dialed in the process, the resulting crack will be ever so gratifying.”

Snap ’em up while they last (see what I did there?). 

Happy holidays;